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Wow. Long Time No See...

Considering it's been three years since I last wrote in this journal, I suppose a lot of things in my life have changed. A lot. My viewpoints on controversial issues, as well as the aspirations I hold deep in my heart. Afterall, in a few months I start college...and...to be completely and totally honest, I'm scared. I've heard my anxiety is common. Everyone has doubts that float around in the back of their mind of whether or not their "college material," whether or not that person who they've devote their entire soul to will be faithful, and whether the miles will put a strain on the relationships (family and friends) they hold dear. Here I am. In the last three years, I never would have thought I would emerge from adolescence with the beliefs I do or the experience I have. But here I am. And here are the people around me. The few beings that motivate me to achieve great things in life--they're here. And so am I. Will I change when I leave, the same way I changed in this last three years?