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Food, Fun, and Mischief

I hurriedly put the shirt I knew he'd love on and headed out the door. He texted me earlier saying he had fun driving to school for the first time by himself. I met him there and got in his scion. Although he's older than I am, he took longer to get his license. His parents wanted him to learn more before he had it, but thankfully he has it now.

This morning we had a FCCLA field trip to the state capitol and the nearby farmer's market. He and I both suspect he only reason we went to the capitol was to appease the wishes of the faculty members who don't think a field trip to a flea market is educational enough for our club. On our way there, we had fun art competitions to see who could draw the best *insert random object here*. From a drawing of spongebob to a picture of the human eye, we made made a game out of art.

As we walked through the halls of the capitol, he made humorous comments about the senators and governors who stared at us from their frames hanging on the wall. On our way to the farmer's market, we all had to walk down a steep grassy hill that he admitted having the inclination to roll down, so I encouraged him to go with his feelings: YOLO / Carpe Diem. I held his flip flops and car keys as he only male in our club rolled himself down a steep hill, getting a grass stain on his nose I refrained from telling him about until quite a bit of time had passed.

When we got to the farmer's market, our club split up and we had the whole place to see for ourselves. He, being the perfect gentleman that he is, bought my lunch and a mexican coke. I love him.

I bought some strawberries and a purple carrot, and on the way home, we fell asleep on each other. When we got back, he and I decided to go to claire's to fulfill a long-anticipated adventure: Kat getting his ears pierced. When he finally did get them pierced, he loved them, but beforehand, he was dreading the pain.

Tomorrow is prom, and it will be difficult for me to sleep tonight because of my excitement. But if I really can't sleep, I'll just watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

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